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Black Socks

 “Black Socks they never get dirty. The longer you wear them, the Blacker they get….” This is a familiar chorus song that I, along with other seventh-graders, were forced in middle school to learn. Until I realized it related to life, I never paid much attention to how much truth this song about socks held. 

Many people go through a lot of dirt in their lives. This can include but is not limited to
pain, hurt, regret, guilt and hopelessness. But instead of dealing with the dirt, we let it blacken in our lives, fester and smell. We often try to deal with the dirt alone and in secret, pretending everything is fresh, clean and okay

Our life’s dirt is like “Black Socks” —  worn in plain sight and easy to hide.  We naturally avoid water, laundry day and anything that would allow others to see how dirty our socks really are because we don’t want to be judged or embarrassed! This causes us to walk around with our woes to a point that even when offered help, we reject it because maybe the dirt or pain is just too deep to attend to. 
But when we don’t seek help, our “Dirty Black Socks start to irritate our skin, smell, and if we wear them long enough, even mold! These seemingly “harmless” dirty socks can begin to cause real problems such as high stress, irrational anxiety, irritability, isolation and negative thoughts, so washing them is very important.  

The truth is we all have areas in our lives that collect dirt. Just like our black socks, sometimes we need help washing them out. Although this may mean you have to leave your feet (life) vulnerable for a while, you are not alone!

The moral of the story is:  Don’t have dirty socks. Let’s just TALK IT OUT with soap, water, and a little fabric softener.
In Need of a Wash Day?
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Edited By Kennedy Coopwood, 

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