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Are they dirty unclean things?
Are they smelly and mud green?
Do they make you cry?
Do they make you scream?
Do they hold you to regret and it’s hard to break free?
Do they torment you and cause you to fear?
Are you allowing them to control your purpose or the reason you are here?
Mistakes are made every day by everyone.  We are human, yet we try to be perfect. My goodness, even technology makes mistakes (and they’re programmed). The truth is, Mistakes help us grow. In some way, shape or form, they allow us to know ourselves, correct ourselves and grow ourselves. So if a Mistake has you in a place where you feel like there is no redemption, we need to sit down and have a conversation—because that my friend, is not truth.
If a mistake is controlling your life
Let’s Connect 


Edited By Kennedy Coopwood, 

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