TALK|IT|OUT Services


Individual Sessions 

Individual sessions are one on one sessions between the individual and mental health professional.  These sessions may take place virtually or in person. They are designed to meet the specific needs of the individuals. 

Group Sessions

Group sessions are when three to seven individuals come together for a specific topic or problem. They are designed to work Collectively yet to impact individually. 

Structured Program 

TALK IT Out ‘The Program”  is developed under the umbrella of psychoeducation and counseling.  This program is designed to equip adolescents and young adults with the tools needed to initiate Hope, highlight Freedom and illuminate Purpose within their own lives.

Frame Work

TALK IT OUT  Services are inclusive of three building blocks that work together simultaneously.  Below are the detailed descriptions and breakdowns on what is covered within each TALK IT OUT  Block.


 “Hope” is designed to help individuals work through moments of hopelessness both individually and collectively, increasing their desires and expectation of a positive outcome. 

There are always moments of Hopelessness that occur within life, for example: if we feel we can’t overcome a difficult class, a broken relationship, a diagnosis, or that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. TALK IT OUT is designed for these moments, created to combat isolated thinking and negative self-talk, using techniques from talk therapy, group therapy, and debriefing practices.  

         Individuals can practice hopelessness in a variety of areas including but not limited to: coping with a diagnosis, family relationships, intimate relationships, education, careers, self-discovery, faith, behavioral management, emotional management, motivation, and victimization (bullied, abused).  Each of these areas can be explored within the entity of TALK IT OUT.


“Freedom” is designed to highlight anything that is negatively binding while presenting the benefits of being freed from the circumstance, situation, habit, or way of thinking. 

       Through an eclectic approach inclusive of Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy, TALK IT OUT is designed to reveal things that negatively bind and provide the tools and resources to work through them individually and collectively.   


“Purpose”  illuminates an intentional goal or desired outcome, and the steps needed to get there.  There are times within our lifespan we feel lost, and our actions lack intention and purpose. TALK IT OUT explores what purpose is and what it is not, eliminating self-doubt and building self-esteem. It encourages the importance of knowing yourself while promoting an inner desire to pursue goals and ambitions. 

      Promoting purpose is inclusive but not limited to developing and practicing coping skills, the development of a positive self-identity, self-control, self-awareness, adopting positive habits, strengthening or developing a positive peer circle. Each of these areas will be explored within the entity of TALK IT OUT.


TALK IT OUT has a desire to promote Hope, Freedom, and Purpose and sometimes all it takes is a conversation!

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