“Too Pretty to be a Virgin” Part Two


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On a sidebar or main bar, I’m not into the universe stuff, but I am into the creator of the universe and governing my life after the Bible (living that Christ life).


So let’s begin part two of  “Too Pretty To Be a Virgin”

 I honestly would not have made it without my relationship with GOD and his Life manual! Not just because it told me not to have sex! Nope! Because through my relationship with God through Christ I was taught an understanding of my worth and value, which clarified the reason why I needed to wait.


Sex is the only place where 1+1=1 and that goes for every sexual encounter even the quickies. Every time you get busy, you begin an agreement, like, hey sir/ma’am,  I agree to be apart of everything you are or ever will be, I agree to carry the promise of us, to imprint on your body, as your body imprints on mine.


Now I know this is intense, so let’s break it down.



ONE: Stop making a covenant with people who are not willing to make a life commitment to you;  don’t carry the imprint of someone you will regret in the long run.


I Know you’re  probably thinking, this doesn’t make sense how can you carry the imprint of other people. Well, have you ever ate something that made you sick, and from that point on whenever you smelled that food, it reminded you of being sick (mental imprint). Bringing it back to the subject matter, have you ever been in a relationship, and compared the way your current partner did things to a previous partner (relational imprint).  We all have, and we don’t even have to be having sex,  now add sex to the mix (Yikes)!  Sometimes we can’t be satisfied in a relationship because we are comparing it to the past three relationships. 

TWO: Know your value.  

You are valuable, so demand value and quality, you wouldn’t buy a knock-off purse for $100,000 so stop giving yourself to knock off men/ women for a dinner date and an I Love you.  You are way more valuable than $100,000 your invaluable, trust me, you’re to die for! Someone did it literally (John 3:16)

THREE: Just because you might not be a virgin, it doesn’t make you any less valuable, you are still a Kings Kid so straighten that crown.

Understand that this is not a non-virgin basher, and I’m not saying that since you had sex outside of marriage you will never find love or be happy in a relationship. What I’m saying is practice obedience,  know your value and be wise with who shares your imprint.

So Kings and Queens! Let’s not spread our riches to those who will only corrupt the integrity of the Kingdom!

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