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Sometimes the hardest thing to start with someone is a conversation.  The conversation of relationship, money, mental health, debt, loss, grief, suicide, health, death, and pain can be difficult to start.  However, starting them is very important; without a conversation, you can leave room for assumptions, doubt, insecurities, rooted anger, frustration, hopelessness, unforgiveness, and isolation.  

So how do you start a conversation you ask?  

Step one: You must talk to a real person, talking to your bear snuggles may help for the moment, but he won’t be able to assist you with a quarter life crises.  Note: Sometimes there is no easy way to start a conversation, you just have to start it! (You can begin with just: “I need to vent about some stuff, so here it goes…”)

Step two: Know when to seek out professional help, sometimes there are things that normal people just can’t handle (not that professionals aren’t normal). For example conversations on debt, physical health, mental health, and marital issues, may require a professional and hey that’s what we are here for. So please find someone to TALKITOUT with, even if it’s not us! And for those moments of feeling absolutely hopeless, hotlines are available such as the Suicide Prevention Hotline. (1-800-273-8255).

Step three: For the friends and family of those who may need a conversation, or you think they need one, this step is for you.   A) Ask, don’t assume. They may just have gas!   B) Listen fully when they are talking, ears and heart.  C) Don’t interrupt, talking itself is healing.  D) Call for help, if you know the conversation is bigger than you, recommend a professional or a friend with a longer attention span.

Thanks for reading!

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