Emotionally Surviving the Election

Hello everyone, November 8, 2016, is the final day for America to cast their vote for the next President of the United States. WOW! Leading up to this day, there has been a lot of “tension” between the two candidates, the different parties, the same parties and everybody. Everyone seems to be emotionally drained, which is great, right?? That’s how it’s supposed to be? Well not exactly…. Putting all your emotions into things that you only partially control, may not be the best decision!
Please understand I said “PARTIALLY “in that sentence, I’m not saying that your vote does not count; I’m saying your vote coupled with other votes, count more, so you only have partial control –
So before I interrupted myself, putting all of your emotions into something you partially control is not wise, because you are then emotionally gambling with strangers. Let’s not risk an anxiety attack or nervous breakdown for strangers. So below are seven tips for emotionally surviving this Election.
1. Don’t Get sucked into the “Meme’s” though they are funny, they can be toxic if watched over and over again
2. Vote, Breath and Let it Go, you did your part and you can’t force others to do theirs.
3. Do something that has nothing to do with Hillary or Trump … Like read a book, take a walk
4. Prayer and meditation, need I say more
5. Exercise get those endorphins going, so you don’t’ strangle someone of the opposite Party.
6. Understand that whoever is the next President will not be “running” the country on their own (THANK GOD)
7. surround yourself with friends and family who are not going to cause you more anxiety, maybe watching it at home with two of your close friends would be a better option and then you can discuss, celebrate or cry about the outcome in a safe environment.
And Hunger Games said it best …America may the Odds ever be in your favor !

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